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3 New Personal Finance Trends for the New Age

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor.

People that follow “traditional financial advice” are having problems keeping up with the new problems of the developing economy.


Well, consider this –

Remember how our elders used those phones with the attached wires?

Why don’t we use them anymore? Because they are outdated right? Not portable, no camera, etc etc etc.

So, if you refrain from using old telephones, why would you follow financial advice from an age gone by?

If we kept doing things “just because that is the way our elder’s did it”, we as the human race, will keep going in circles.

It is literally as clear as day.

Traditional financial advice came from experts. Okay, they are not wrong. But that advice was given after studying the financial situation at that point of time. Right?

So many variables

We can say for sure that the world has changed and the financial landscape has turned into this ambidextrous, intricately connected labyrinth that entraps many and at the same time, rewards many. ( I could’ve just said “maze” )

So, considering the ever evolving financial conditions, these are the

3 New Personal Finance Trends that will prevail in the “New Normal”

Financial Education

The asset that will give you the most return on investment is you.

The more you learn the more you earn. There are so many cheesy quotes I could go on and on and on.

HAHA No, seriously though.

People have realized that the “traditional education” they receive can only arm them with FLUFF information. More people are paying attention to financial education.

This has given birth to a whole new educational domain. Market veterans are being able to capitalize their experience in the markets in more ways than one.

Getting a sound financial education also prepares us to be self-sustainable.


So, everybody knows about independence right? Everybody thinks they are independent. But does having your own car or a house or even a job grant you the status of being independent? No.

Think, if you were to lose your job / business TODAY, how long will you be able to survive?

That is what begs the question-

What are the factors contributing to the Economic Condition of an individual?

People are taking less for granted and paying attention to being more prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

All around the world, more people than ever are trying out new things and finding their own niches and ways to create value for themselves and earn money.

Most entrepreneurs have more than 3 income streams just in case one fails or suffers. Being completely self sustainable is a myth because businesses will always depend on demand and clients.

Finding sustainable income streams has become the new definition of self sustainability and it is here to stay.


Inflation has been talked about so many times on so many occasions and on so many levels. But how many actually understand it and are able to find solutions around it? Don’t you know how saving hurts your financial condition?

Now, with more and more resources available online, people are able to understand and work their way around inflation.

Considering the current financial condition of the economy of the world and how much stimulus money is being “brought into existence” just by “printing more of it” that experts can’t help but anticipate serious repercussions which could come in the form of HYPERINFLATION. So, when the currencies of the world start to fail, what do people turn to?


Gold / silver / commodities and the new kid on the block, CRYPTOCURRENCY. These are all regarded as “backup” currencies of the world.

The affinity towards gold and silver is understandable, but what about cryptocurrency? What is driving the demand for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency did not exist just a few years ago. Now, it is regarded as a safe haven currency.

A deep belief in a global way of payments through one single platform which eliminated any kind of charges, has opened up a service class that the “traditional banking processes” may not be able to match. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and thus give more power to the people.

All these consumer sentiments have driven the demand for cryptocurrency and seeing as it solves so many consumer problems, it could pose a huge threat to the currencies of the world. This makes cryptocurrency a very intimidating contender in the long line of inflation proofing assets in existence as of Sept, 2020.

So, these are the 3 main Trends that will draw HUGE attention (in my humble opinion).

I hope you found value in this post!


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