Can you get more done in 3 Hours than most people do in a day?

A lot of people will say yes of course!

But can you REALLY?

Well, science says you just might.

You could get more work done in 3 hours of activated “FLOW STATE” than working “FLOWLESS” for 8 hours.

I have been reading and people describe the flow as a state of mind where making efforts feels effortless.

To make it simpler, if you are utilizing the flow state, you will just do things with minimal efforts because your mind is able to connect with your body almost without any friction at all.

Some people say that it could mean we are connecting into higher dimensions which gives us a “bird’s eye view” of the task which makes it so easy to perform.

The conversation around flow can get us talking about higher dimensions and higher states of consciousness and from then, the conversation gets pretty airy and vague. Maybe because it is different for everybody.

From what I have read and to a fair bit experienced myself as well, I would describe the “flow” simply as a state of mind where your mind to body connection is heightened.

We as humans, are so accustomed to distractions, that many of us (me included) might have felt “flow states” without even realizing it. If we have not realized these states, how are we to use them to our benefit?

So, here are a few things about “getting into the flow” that I would like to highlight.


Yes Focus is something a lot of people have a lot of problem with a lot of the time.

Now why is that? Because we have grown a habit of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Say me, for instance, I have also taken more than my usual time to write this article and it is because I am working from home and juggling multiple things.

Now, imagine you have accustomed your mind to paying attention to multiple things in a short span of time. What happens to your focus?

It gets divided. A little here, a little there and a little gets wasted.

If you are doing this on a daily basis, you are LITERALLY training your mind to be distracted. Your mind will get used to being distracted and then you have problems focusing on 1 thing even in the absence of other distractions.

This is why I sometimes feel multi-tasking is counter productive.

So the best way to be in a flow state and stay there? Don’t do anything else. If you are reading this article, make it your mission to finish this article.

Right, so the next question is, how do you “get into” a flow state?

Well, basically you do things that inspire you. You should look for places to draw inspiration from. It could be anything from listening to a particular song or watching videos or anything else! Just do anything to refill the inspiration glass.

Keep your brain active. The simplest way I know to get the brain hyper is by consuming caffeine. Now, I get my kick from plain old black coffee. Others could derive it from redbull or other sources of caffeine.

So, that is all I have on flow for now!

I hope you found value in this post.


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