3 beginner steps on how to have a good Psychedelic Trip

Not to sound like Lord Rhetoric here, but no one likes to have a bad trip right?

Ayahuasca – The Amazonian “Drug” that might help cure depression and curb substance abuse

Heard of Ayahuasca? Well… a lot of people have. Get up to speed. Researchers have found that, Ayahuasca helps improve mental well being and is way less addictive compared to other “drugs”. This hallucinogenic brew that is regarded as a “drug” seen by many in a negative light could hold the key to mental wellContinue reading “Ayahuasca – The Amazonian “Drug” that might help cure depression and curb substance abuse”

Ayahuasca Diet – What NOT to eat

Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that is said to have been used by the Ancient Amazonians to connect with the spiritual world and in the process, with nature and their psyche. Ayahuasca was first made by ancient tribes in simpler times. So, what is the closest you get to living the simpler life? At theContinue reading “Ayahuasca Diet – What NOT to eat”

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