Google is looking to revamp the education industry

A $300-ish course designed by Google that Google itself will treat as the equivalent of a 4 year degree in a related roles.

What did your college degree give you apart from Debt?

P.S. This program is part of Grow with Google – a Google initiative to create economic opportunities for all.

Wow, somebody get Google a Cape!

National Superhero Day: A Nod to Frontline Superheroes | Machine Design

Alright, be it Tech or Farming, supply and demand is what drives an industry. Considering the dynamic nature of demand, there is a constant need to upskill. With farming, more and more demand calls for better equipment to farm larger volumes of crop.

The crux of the demand for Tech stems from the (need / want) for optimization. We want a better way to do everything that we are doing it right now. Do we Need to do everything better? No, but if it saves us time and money, why not tweak things a bit?

Consider this, did we not go places before Google maps? I could point out a lot of such things, but let’s save us both some time.

“It is better with Google Maps” – I completely agree.

No arguments there. So to say, Google has a collection of services and products that helps make our lives fundamentally easier ( / better?). That is what puts it in such a powerful position. These services require constant updating.

Now, picture the same situation happening in each and every industry. Each industry has its own knacks to being successful.

Could a college degree teach us to excel in an industry better than the industry leader itself?

I mean it could, if the courses were designed in such a way. But what do colleges know about the needs companies like Google?

Who better to tell you what Google wants, than Google itself!?

There is buzz about good old college degrees losing their charm / value. Is it true?

Well, if you believe you cannot get a job without a degree, you have highly underestimated the power of a good work portfolio or a good LinkedIn account.

Get this – a relatively old report from Stackoverflow shows that more than half of the active developers in the industry do not have a degree in computer science or a related field. And this is a relatively old report, meaning this is years ago. This is 2020. People’s mindsets are changing at a rapid rate. This is the New World.

So, what is it that quantifies the value of candidates? Is it just the dusty old College Degree? NOPE.

Most college degrees amount to naught but an icebreaker in an interview with a big company. After that, it is all about their skills and / or portfolio.

Most people are running about doing an internship while at uni. Why do an internship? You have paid the uni a handsome amount to arm you with the right skills for the industry.

Why work for free just for experience? You need experience to get a better pay right?

If you need experience for a well paying job, why did you pay for the degree?

Wait wait, so we have to pay the university AND work for free, waste ~5 years of life in the process – just to get a job and spend years paying off the debt for the degree?


College is looking like we are being made to fight a battle on the way to the battle ground. The battle ground is the real estate market – with prices soaring, making us mere mortals look like cavemen hoping unto the heavens above.

By the time we reach break even with debt, most of our dreams are shattered and we are zombies, with no color left in life.



Has done a great job at organizing the never-ending data stream of the World Wide Web. Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world with a work culture that makes employees of other companies drool.

Which is why, the excitement surrounding Google’s foray into educational space is so exciting to me.

  • You get to learn from an actual industry leader.
  • The aim is to impart industry RELEVANT and CONSTANTLY UPDATED SKILLSETS through each course.

Now tell me, how much of the knowledge gained through the “formal education” you might have received, have you used in the real world?

Google is about to change that too. Believe me, when I say – this move from Google has the potential to change the face of the education industry as we know it.

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