Anyone can implement these 3 tips to save money

Education did not teach you how to save money. No one did. So what do you do? The best thing you can do is learn from other people’s mistakes. Here are some tips that could go a long way.

Heads up – Do not expect to be a millionaire 2 weeks after implementing them.

But, if you do find out how to become a millionaire in 2 weeks, lemme know.

Automatic savings –

Set up an auto-debit on your account such that, on payday, a certain amount gets transferred into your savings account / investment basket or any other place that is far from your spendthrift hands. Ensure that the amount is at the very least, 10% of your income. This is the absolute first step to building long term wealth.

If you are disciplined enough to not need auto-debit, then good for you (90% of you reading this do not have such discipline which is why you are reading this post for guidance. I am one of y’all. *chuckles*). But jokes apart, ensure a part of your income gets siphoned off each month.

I have the same discipline issue which is why I have got an auto-debit facility activated on my account and it is working out beautifully. You could think of it as “taxing yourself” or, like me, you could just assume your salary is 25% less ( I save 25% ).

Turn the lights off bro. Seriously.

This sounds like you are being a nag, but heck, if nagging saves you a bucket-load of money on utilities then nag away my friend.

Do you keep track of your expenses on electricity? Just because it is an unavoidable cost, most people end up just paying it. But what contributes to this cost? It is the lights you leave on everywhere.

If you are one of those that has a habit of leaving electric appliances on everywhere you go then you must have paid a new car’s worth of electric bills to keep the lights on in a room you were not even present in.

Do not accumulate credit card debt.

Are you one of those that always has a lagging credit card debt? Well, I have news for you my friend. You are the perfect example of a person falling prey to government agenda. The smart play made by governments and big banks is that they use human nature to their benefit. How? Let me explain.

They know humans are materialistic. We want the new car, the new mobile phone, the new lips (cosmetic surgery), we want anything and everything that can be bought with money. Which is why they made credit cards.

Credit card debt is the one factor that burdens people without even trying too hard. The accumulated amount just gets fined if not paid and the interest is compounded. If you are paying compounded interest, May the Lord be with you. You either need a serious salary hike or you need to win a lottery to get out of that sticky situation.


Make your own food / stop partying so much

Consider this –

You spend money to eat out only to spoil your health and spend more money to get medication or spend more money on workout programs and personal trainers to burn fat.

This is where most of the money is lost. Most people think they are too “busy” to make their own food. Ordering it and paying a little extra does no harm. But they will spend hours on Instagram looking at Reels or stalking people.

Maybe once a week eating out does no harm. But EVERYDAY? Well, if you are a trust fund baby then go ahead, splurge. But, if you want to make concrete savings, don’t go out. This way, you can save restaurant money and even save yourself future hospital bills!

As far as partying is concerned. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see what is wrong with excessive partying. You go out, spend a truckload of money on drinks, make bad drunk decisions and end up spending more than you can count.

You wake up hungover to see your account looking like the bank robbed you. Not a pretty morning. Not even coffee can make it better. Might as well just stay home or limit your drinks when you go out.

These might look like they are so easy, but hey, try implementing them.

I hope you found some value in this post!


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