This guy made upwards of $400,000 from his blog. How did he do it?

Ryan Robinson made $451,238 from his blog in 2019 and understandably, almost everyone that hears of it, wants to know how. In a world full of Bloggers jostling around the 1000-2000 word limit, his blogs average in at a whopping 11,000+ words full of engaging content.

I came across this reading through Medium, and I had to see what my take would be on it.

Now now, getting a Google Ranking on blog with each piece of writing crossing the 11,000 word mark full of links and engrossing content is not child’s play. Doing it solo makes it nothing short of a spectacle.

So, how did he do it? He made 244 posts over 6 years and here is my take on it.

Size Matters

Let us address the elephant in the room here – 11,000+ words on each piece of writing? WOW. The amount of man hours it takes to write that? Well, let us not talk about the man hours because you cannot consider success without putting in the man hours.

The straightforward advantage that Ryan commanded by doing what he did was, there was less competition. He simply did what others were not doing and that is what made him stand out – which worked out well even for SEO and even increased his chances of getting more screen time from viewers.

Screen time is a factor that has been looked over by a lot of people and I cannot correctly articulate its importance and future potential.

What drives the reason for my belief in importance of Screen Time to be such a crucial factor is, it somewhat calculates how much time how much time was spent engaging with the content. As many users are now refraining from likes and comments, content creators are having to push user action with prompts.

Algorithms calculate relevance and quality of content on a page by studying user actions and how much time each user spends on a page. Ryan’s 11,000+ word posts compelled viewers to spend more time and thus got him better results.

But most blogs struggle to come up with engaging content in 2000 words. How does he create behemoth posts full of engaging content? Well, that brings us to my next point which is choosing a niche.

Niche Trends

Yes, it is a thing and it has been noticed by a lot of people. Finding and creating content that caters to some niches is much easier and has much better financial benefits as compared to others.

Over the past few years, Blogging as a side income has gained popularity and more and more people jumping on the bandwagon. This has created a demand for “how to start blogging” content. Ryan just stepped onto this hot trend and doled out hefty articles riddled with umpteen links that created a complex web of connectivity. Ryan found a lot of success from this niche.

Choosing a “niche” is critical to a content creator. Be it a YouTuber or a blogger.

Doesn’t it work out better to carve a niche for yourself in the market? Well, there is 2 sides to this answer. Yes and no. Speaking from a personal perspective, yes it is better for yourself to fuel your passion and carve your own place in the online marketplace. And no, just because you are passionate about something does not mean everyone else is. People might not be willing click on something they are not interested in.

What about those looking strictly to develop a side source of income – no passionate feelings attached? Well, for such individuals, jumping on the trend is the best idea. Ask yourself this question –

“If I see a particular strategy is working out well and has a lot of potential in the future, why am I not getting a piece of that cake?”

Now, let me justify Niche Trends with supply and demand dynamics.

Consider there is a voracious demand for apples in the market. The supply looks teensy as compared to the demand. What good will you do by selling oranges in this market? Granted, you personally love oranges and do not see why more people do not share your love for it. But that does not change the demand right?

Some people might make an argument saying is there no one that likes an orange? That is absurd, isn’t it? Yeah okay right, some people like oranges too, maybe you get a few customers. But most of the customers are flocking to buy apples. Why not just stock apples and make more sales?

Choosing a niche that caters to a wide demographic segment is crucial – you have a wide audience and a lot of content to play around with.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is possibly the smartest way to make money through a blog only because of its potential of conversions. Seeing products / services being openly vouched for in a popular blog earns the highest quality leads.

Consider this –

As a product owner / service provider, to you a blog is a platform visited by a collection of people that already have a proven interest in your industry. It is basically a valuable collection of data you would benefit from if you could access it.

This creates a position for the blogger to ask for a price to broadcast your product / service to its readers. By selling these, you as the owner is happy and the blogger gets a percentage from the sales of the product. On the spenders side, it can be looked at as a “marketing cost” if you will.

But how will the browser recognize users sent from the site?

Bloggers make use of tagged URL’s which will help the user stand out on the landing page.

From the looks of it, Ryan has affiliate marketing contracts with companies like Bluehost, Dreamhost and Flexjobs. This contributes to a huge part of the total income from his blog.

This is where the “niche” comes into play again. If you have chosen a niche that has many products to be marketed through your platform, you have a great chance of earning through affiliate marketing contracts.

Clickbait – but with content

In saying that, I understand what the general idea of clickbait is. Most people say the internet is filled with clickbait content that just urges you to click on it but has a fluffy bag of useless content in it. Right? NO.

Clickbait could mean a bait to generating interest. I mean, isn’t that what Titles and Descriptions are for? Ryan has titles like “101 Best Business Idea You Can Start In 2020” that invites users even if they believe all 101 ideas cannot be great, they click through believing maybe they can find 1 or 2 good ideas.

The blog has explored the clickbait niche. By that I mean, he has posted a lot of content that will connect with a lot of young and restless minds that do not mind spending some time on his pages. In saying that, I do not mean to devalue his content in any way. He has a lot of useful content placed very smartly which is why he is able to make so much money off his blog.

All in all, there could be many more things that worked out for him, I just found these factors to be playing a big role in the success of his blog. Good for him!

I hope you found some value in this post!


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