Some effects of Marijuana on mental health

Marijuana has many effects and we are all but new to them. But, how does it affect us in the long term? If not long term, how does it really affect us?

Take some time out and give it a read. Pain, depression and many other mental blocks and ailments could be answered with marijuana. Lets go.

Chronic pain is often associated with ageing and marijuana is the new medicine for it. No i do not mean you will younger every time you smoke a joint or take an edible. Marijuana will help you deal with the pain. Marijuana, in a way, helps you “forget” the pain. That does not mean that the pain is not there, it is there for sure. You just do not feel it. Call it a painkiller if you will.

Marijuana can also be effective against nerve pain and it is particularly beneficial to use marijuana because it helps subside these pains without heavy sedation.

Apart from offering considerable pain relief, there are numerous studies that are exploring how effective marijuana is at alleviating stress, anxiety and in some cases, even depression (which in most cases, stems from anxiety itself).

The people of the world are slowly changing their outlook towards marijuana and as more and more studies show how useful it can be in treating certain mental and physical conditions the outlook is changing for the better.

Some cannabinoids in cannabis have a peculiar effect on the brain and the central nervous system. While some alter your state of mind giving you the “high” – some cause no change in your state of mind because they are non-psychotropic. Cannabidiol or CBD is one such cannabinoid. CBD has been proven to show pharmacological benefits when used to treat anxiety, depression, addiction and even schizophrenia.

The interesting thing here is, that when CBD is administered with THC, it counters the intoxicating effects of THC- the psychotropic compound in the plant responsible for the “high”. When THC is administered in lower doses, it reduces the negative responses to the high and other challenging stressors to the mind. Higher dozes of CBD can help those individuals that are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Basic benefits of marijuana are many with the most prevalent all pointing towards higher serotonin levels. In addition to immediate effects, it has been observed that low doses of THC on a daily basis can help the body produce more serotonin – naturally. In essence, it “teaches” the body to produce more serotonin which is highly beneficial in the long term.

As cannabis helps increase serotonin levels in the brain, it has can be used to subdue the effects of post traumatic stress disorder, recurrent pains, anxiety and other such conditions. While many people will be tempted to smoke weed to help with their anxiety and chronic pain, social anxiety disorder has a certain correlation with marijuana dependence.

While there is much speculation of if marijuana can be the miracle drug that somehow cures cancer, there is no significant proof that smoking a joint or consuming a CBD product will completely get rid of cancer. THC on the other hand, has many benefits too! Apart from being the psychoactive compound in the plant, the chemical can also alleviate pain, nausea and vomiting. THC also helps increase appetite which is typically reduced due to chemotherapy.

Advanced cancer patients use opioids to gain relief from pain, but they do not always find successful relief from it. Well, combining opioids with marijuana has shown to be more effective than using opioids of their own accord.

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