3 beginner steps on how to have a good Psychedelic Trip

Well, they’re not “steps” per se, more like – “things to keep in mind” to have a good psychedelic trip.

Psychedelics are having something of a “discovery” moment. Even though they’ve been around since our kind has been around and “our kind” has used them for centuries before government propaganda convinced us they’re shite, psychedelics – pack quite the punch…

And I’m not talking about just the visions here your “highness”…

If you’re new to these substances, there might be more than just Government propaganda holding you back… it is most likely the fear of experiencing a bad trip.

Well, no one is blaming you – a little fear of the unknown is understandable, but complete and utter shaming of anything without proper knowledge is ignorance, isn’t it?

Well, whether whatever your feelings towards these substances, let me cut to the chase here and give you what you came for –

Here is how you could somewhat steer your mind towards a “happy trip” while experimenting with psychedelics…

Step 1
Why you trippin bro? Calm tf down and set your setting.

No, seriously, your immediate environment definitely has the power to steer your mind while on psychedelics. If it is your first time, ensure you are completely comfortable with your immediate surroundings and have nothing that will induce anxiety.

The best place to do it will be your home – the reason being, you are in an environment you’re familiar with. Although some might argue their family has an issue with them doing “drugs” in their room, ya’ll could always look for a friends place you trust. If you haven’t got that – well then you always have the bathroom or you could just go 20 blocks away and smoke outside.

Point is – make sure you’re in an environment you are completely comfortable and familiar with.

Step 2
Your intentions

Believe it or not, your subconscious has a serious role to play here. Before taking these substances, you might not believe that simply affirming positive thoughts to yourself can manifest positivity and lead you through a positive trip, you will know after you have taken them.

Key takeaway here is to just affirm positive thoughts to yourself and do your best to stay away from negative ones. This does not mean having one negative though will have you suicidal – most naturally occurring psychedelics like mushrooms naturally stimulate serotonin – the hormone responsible for your “happy mood” so you can be rest assured your “drugs” will help you out with a happy trip.

Step 3

Do you go to the gym and bench 200 KG on your first day? Not unless you want to buckle under the weight and get crushed. The same applies to psychedelics. Do not try and eat 3 mushrooms just coz “oh i saw my friend eat 3 the other day so i should too!” Hey – your friend is a seasoned traveler, you’re just starting out, board the train slow and wait for it to leave the station.

Ensure you check up the normal dose of the particular psychedlic substance you’re experimenting with today and ensure you take just a tad bit lesser than the “normal” trip to ensure you do not get panic attacks or anxiety attacks from being “too high” and “oh i want to go back to normal!”

Taking a dose lower than the average will also give you the confidence boost affirming the fact that you are taking one less than the normal and you will be able to handle yourself.

Well so, there we go! These are the basic steps to having a positive psychedelic trip on your first time and then it is all upwards from there!

Happy tripping! Glad I could contribute to your journey.

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