The world has discovered many uses for marijuana. The plant has been used by cultures all over the world for centuries. Although modern culture only knows it for the “high” it gives the user. The high that you feel when you smoke marijuana comes from the psychoactive compound in it known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Does CBD get you high?

Research on CBD is in its infancy. But it is enough to conclude that the “other” component in marijuana – the one stoners hardly care about, does not give you a high. Although, it could have a slew of medical benefits. While the THC could be removed from the plant and the plant would still retain its medicinal uses, if you manage to extract the CBD from a marijuana plant, it is then medically useless – you could still use it to get high though – just saying.

Photo by Laryssa Suaid on Pexels.com

Health Benefits of CBD? Really?

There are many studies showing that it will seriously help cases of epilepsy, some studies show that it could potentially be a key ingredient in treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

There have been many studies have shown CBD to possess anti-inflammatory properties and can protect nerves from damage, even treat anxiety and pain. Many people, including a decorated President of the United States, have been known to have used marijuana to deal with chronic pain.

While studies on how cannabis can fight cancer is a widely discussed topic, there is little concrete evidence open to the public, to support the claims of Cannabis being a cure for cancer.

The Miracle drug?

Well, CBD might have more uses than we have figured out, but it is certainly not a miracle drug. Agreed, it might be much more useful for a host of different ailments both mental and physical, but that does not make it a miracle drugs that will change your bad habits.

CBD is a drug that does have umpteen uses, yes, but it is also necessary to use it for the right ailments. While some musculoskeletal pain might need products with CBD, some chronic pain and mental stress might call for a different type of marijuana that has more amounts of THC than usual.

The serious lack of studies refrains medical associations from making any kind of statements and the like, but, there are many ongoing studies that are going to bring results. Until then, all we can conclude is, that CBD has more than one medical use and might even be a key weapon in our fight against cancer.

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