Ayahuasca – The Amazonian “Drug” that might help cure depression and curb substance abuse

Heard of Ayahuasca? Well… a lot of people have. Get up to speed.

Researchers have found that, Ayahuasca helps improve mental well being and is way less addictive compared to other “drugs”.

This hallucinogenic brew that is regarded as a “drug” seen by many in a negative light could hold the key to mental well being and offer a spiritual connection to the world.

This brew has been used by the Amazonian tribes for centuries. A tradition that originated in the Amazon centuries ago, it is not easy to follow. There are some rules that must be followed since this “medicine” has some chemical components that could react badly with the substances modern homo sapiens consume on a regular basis like red meat or prescription meds. There is some preparation that goes into getting ready to consume this medicine and you can check it out here.

A study

A vast study conducted on more than 100,000 people has been brought to light and the results say – those that had a history with Ayahuasca have proven themselves to be more stable mentally.

While a majority of the humans participating in this study took drugs (not hallucinogens), while a minor percentage took hallucinogenic drugs and an even smaller minority (around 500 people out of the 100,000) reportedly used Ayahuasca.

The study concluded that the ones that used Ayahuasca were found to have higher levels of mental well-being as compared to those that took other hallucinogens and drugs. Users of Aya even reported to have lower problems controlling their drinking habits as compared to those that did not use Ayahuasca.

In a study published by the United States Library of Medicine, researchers concluded that – “Many years of shamanic wisdom have indicated potential therapeutic uses for ayahuasca, and several present day studies suggest that it may be useful for treating various psychiatric disorders and addictions. The side effect profile appears to be relatively mild, but more detailed studies need to be done. Several prominent researchers believe that government regulations with regard to ayahuasca should be relaxed so that it could be provided more readily to recognized, credible researchers to conduct comprehensive clinical trials.”

While Depression is another topic of discussion and can vary from people to people, the Ayahuasca experience – in essence, is also the same. This is what links depression to Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, performs the same chemical reaction on each brain – but as each human has had different experiences shape their thought process, the perception is different. In other words – it makes one vulnerable and exposes the subconscious mind – the one that is active only when dreaming. Fact is – everyone describes their dreams differently too.

So, there is a lot of research that has to be done, and this is what i gathered. I will keep updating or putting up new posts.

I hope you got value from this post! Happy to contribute towards your journey! 🙂

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