Silicon Valley on Shrooms

Is miscrodosing magic mushrooms the all new way to tap into the Limitless human potential?

Let us take what we can from this story that my friend told me. So, he is a techie and is in on with a lot of people in the upper echelons of management of many different tech startups in the valley. Yes, this is serious.

So, of course, these guys were out to dinner and someone brought up the topic of achieveing the “Limitless” effect we saw in the Bradley Cooper starrer movie – “Limitless.” There has been a lot of talk around smart drugs and “nootropics” to enhance neurological performance.

Many people started talking about some of the more famous drugs like “modafinil” or provigil and others. While there have been many “real stories” with nootropics, this one guy, says that he had been experimenting with microdosing for a few months. People started objecting to going to work “high” – but what is the difference between taking a couple pills of modafinil before work and taking a few grams of shrooms before work? Well, the only difference is, the government approves your expensive pharma drugs, but not the ones you can grow in your own back yard.

Now now, im not gonna use that to show you how great microdosing really is.

Well, Microdosing, is when you take minute amounts of psychoactive substances but not enough for you to feel the hallucinogenic effects. What this means is, you get the benefits of the serotonin receptors – the ones that regulate your “mood” (mood is just a chemical reaction we have little control over). Well, if someone told you that you could do that, without getting high, wouldnt you give it a try?

Well, many people have and it is now one of the fastest growing trends in the performance based world. Everybody can benefit from being in a good mood ALL THE TIME.

As more and more tech professionals feel the dire need to perform better, the folks at silicon valley have taken to mushrooms as their magic snack! A smart nootropic that will allow the user to feel postitive effects like a heightened sense of alertness, energy, creativity and connectivity with self, gives the user a much better sense of self and this leads a to an overall boost in confidence!

As mushrooms grow more and more popular as each user has positive experiences, the questions that need to be asked now are…

  • With increased usage, we are sure to develop some kind of a tolerance to psilocybin – as studies have proved, but, how fast do we develop this tolerance and how do we cope with it?
  • Does frequent use cause us to become dependant on the “magic” of the shrooms to make us feel better everyday?
  • Will we become grumpy zombies if we stop using them? Well, there is not enough data or studies to understand this.

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