Magic Mushrooms

Magic Muchrooms contain psilocybin – along with other components. But, what gives us the “high” psilocybin – a naturally occuring psychoactive compound. At the time of writing this, Magic Mushrooms are “wildly” popular.

There are so many names for these all around the world – magic mushrooms, shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, liberty caps, philosophers stones, liberties, amani and agaric – these are all i could find. You can call them anything you like.

Many cultures have used mushrooms and other psychedelic compounds for centuries. The Aztecs, the Mayans, ancient Mesoamericn cultures and even aboriginal saharan tribes of east africa have been found to have used these mushrooms.

Today, magic mushrooms can be consumed in all kinds of forms. You could dry them up and eat small quantities of it which can be called “microdosing” – a concept that is being accepted by people all over the world. You could dry them off and crush them and mix “micro” doses of them into practically anything from foods to drinks! think of them as a topping like on a pizza – speaking of, you could even put them on your pizza! A lot of people also like to eat them fresh – for whatever reason.

Terence Mckenna – a prominent name in the discussion of psychedelics and an advocate of responsible use of naturally occuring psychedlic plants, even stated that psilocybin might have actually been the spark to the development of modern human creativity as we know it. Psychedelic compounds have long been known to have effects on the mind – but we have not yet been able to come up with concrete conclusions on how they affect our brain.

Well, enough about them let me tell you where you can actually find them in their natural state.

You could pick them your self – (beware)

Well the first place you could look for them is in your own backyard – WHAT!? Yeah your own backyard. Psilocybin Mushrooms are actually quite abundant in nature and if you live in the right place with the right environmental conditions, you might as well see a few golden tops propping up in your own backyard. If you are not so lucky, you could try hunting for them around the world – and chances are, you might not really have to go very far.

Around the world

There are 227 species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin growing all around the world – 53 of which, are found in Mexico, 22 in the USA and Canada, 19 in the land down under (Australia), 16 in Europe and 15 in Asia. So, you see, they are spread out all across the world.

While picking mushrooms, you must be careful. While there are so many that you could consume for psilocybin, there are many that could mildly poison you and then there are also many that could seriously poison you.

The number one thing they need, to grow, is MOISTURE. Which means dry air and wind will kill them. They also need nutrients to grow – just like anything else. They can grow anywhere and everywhere. If the right ingredients are present in tree barks, or compost, or even cowdung – which is supposed to be as fertile as it gets, you will find mushrooms sprouting away to glory on them. They do not really need a dark environment but it does help to keep the light away – incase it dries out your shrooms too much.

Well, there are many more things to talk about regarding mushrooms, but i will try and segregate them into topics.

One thought on “Magic Mushrooms

  1. Really crazy how much a fungus can have the psychedelic and healing experiences that it has. My last trip really changed my life for the better. I’ll always be a big fan of shrooms.


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