Sex and Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca needs no introduction. Or does it? Check it out if you will.

There is literally a lot of debate around this. While there is a herd of people that have a stronghold on the fact that sexual stimulation is banned 14 days prior to consuming Ayahuasca, there is a considerable audience that say that the Curanderos of old had no issues with Sex.

Well, it is open to debate in the comments! But, let me make my point first.

With Sex, it is mostly out of our control. Accept it. Orgasms are a chemical process we have little control over – or you could say, haven’t been able to learn how to control them – yet. Plain and simple. Sure, we get to know when we are close to climax, but does that mean you are in control of your climax? You can try, and while you will find some success, you might not make it all the way to having complete control.

With females – for example, having sex with someone they are not attracted to – they will find it extremely difficult to reach climax and on the other hand, might reach uncontrollably with someone they are attracted to. This is based on personal likes and dislikes. As sexual maturity and experience grows, there are more complications regarding likes and dislikes and how it affects the sexual desires and eventually, the ability to reach climax for females.

And with men? There are different kinds of complications with men. While some have no control over their “excitement” and end up getting too excited too early, there are some that cannot get excited enough. Although, with men, there are drugs that can help, the ability to reach climax is another variable that depends on a few other subsequent factors.

I have managed to make sex sound so bookish. Wow. So, anyway, this is what makes sex so complicated in relation to Ayahuasca!

So, as you might derive, from reading the explanation above, sexual intimacy is a very complicated process. While you could find immense power with it, you could even fail miserably – and the worst part is, you wouldn’t know why. This is why shamans in our time frame tell us to abstain from sex before an ayahuasca experience.

Here are a few reasons you should abstain from Sex while preparing for Ayahuasca.

  • It drains you of your life force. Sexual stimulation and orgasms release a lot of energy. You need this energy to have a wholesome experience.
  • Sexual energies are complicated to deal with. This medicine has effects on the mind we cannot really understand. Mixing these two really complicated things together is a recipe for disaster.
  • La Medicina offers a deep and unrestricted access to your mind and since we do not know what to do with that, indulging in a process that intensely releases energy from our system might confuse us into thinking our sexual partner is “The One” and the feelings might not be mutual. Your combined sexual energies might end up confusing the both of you.
  • As we do not exactly know how to navigate ourselves through our own mind, we should make it as clean as possible, without any interference from powerful chemical reactions in our mind we call “orgasms”. At the time of ingesting this medicine, indulging in sexual activities can confound an individual on many levels.

About the old Curanderos that did not have a problem with sex. This simply means, they had more control over their sexual energies and minds. With less “worldly” distractions like us modern homo sapiens, the Amazonians had a completely different mindset back then.

It is hard to imagine what was on their mind considering the fact that we know only what their bones are like and a “simulation” of what they “must’ve” looked like. So, it is hard to understand what their views were about anything – even about sex. Thus, it would be wrong for us to follow in their footsteps even though they are the “curanderos of old” – we should not follow them because we might not be as capable as them – mentally.

Since we do not know how to control and navigate ourselves on our journey through our own mind, we are advised not to create any distractions.

I hope you got value from this post. Happy to contribute towards your journey!

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