Ayahuasca Diet – What NOT to eat

Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that is said to have been used by the Ancient Amazonians to connect with the spiritual world and in the process, with nature and their psyche.

Ayahuasca was first made by ancient tribes in simpler times.

So, what is the closest you get to living the simpler life?

At the time of its introduction, the human species had simpler lifestyles. As humans, we have grown to make many more things that we can put into our bodies – like junk foods, drugs (yes that includes “prescription medicines”) and other things. These forms of “impurities” were absent when this hallucinogenic tea was first made.

The clean and healthy lifestyle of the ancient amazonians allowed them to ingest the medicine without any side effects – but as modern homo sapiens, we need to be alert about what we put into our body before we embark on this journey.

For an example, most of the commonly available toothpaste available today has a fluoride content that has been proven to have an affect on the part of your brain that has something to do with the natural occurrence of DMT – a close relative of La Medicina.

As the list of harmful substances grows, (i am not going to let you forget about those prescription meds) so does the banned list.

So, what are the dietary preparations for Ayahuasca?

Well, you could hear different from different places but the common denominator of all the different Ayahuasca Dieta is no red meats, no sugar, no alcohol and no salt. Oh and no sex either. So, what do you eat? Well, ever heard of raw vegans? Look it up.

Ever heard of an Alkaline Diet? Look it up too.

So, here is a more detailed list of things you need to AVOID. There are many things to eat apart from these – it is just that we are accustomed to eating these foods as a species so that is all you find wherever you look.

If you want the right stuff, you have to filter the fluff. I should quote that :/

Anyway here you go with the list of foods you need to AVOID!

  • Red meats – beef, pork and other red meats are a complete no! Good bye barbecues!
  • Fried, greasy foods – hands off the fries everyone.
  • Sugar- (duh)
  • Spicy and excessively salty foods
  • Fermented and aged foods – soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, fermented dairy products, soybean paste, etc.
  • Canned/processed foods of any kind.
  • Yeast is a complete nono
  • No products with Gluten
  • Processed sweets or refined sugar are banned too
  • Goodbye Caffeine
And this, is the list of prescription meds that could react badly with AYAHUASCA
  • Anti Depressants like SSRI’s ( you might never need anti depressants after trying Ayahuasca it has proven to help with depression, anxiety and substance abuse.)
  • MAO-inhibitors (the hallucinogenic tea has some of its own inhibitors)
  • Sleep Medications
  • Barbiturates
  • Alpha and beta blockers
Apart from these prescription meds, you must also refrain from using street drugs like:
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana and
  • MDMA.
  • It is also best to avoid other psychedelics like LSD and “magic mushrooms”.

Apart from following a diet that does not include all the above mentioned man-made “goodies”, you must also abstain from sex and alcohol. Do you think that is taking it too far? Well, I have a point to make.

Today, the closest you get to that experience is with retreats. As far as Ayahuasca retreats go, there have been positive and negative experiences (speaking from a general perspective).

There are many Aya retreats all over the world that claim to be working with the most genuine shamans ever with generations connection to the medicine. Unfortunately, as the popularity of La Medicina grows, so does the commercialization. There are a few retreats that will offer the right experience for mind and body.

So, what Do you eat while preparing for Ayahuasca? I told you what NOT to eat.

Now that I’m telling you what do do, I might as well tell you what to eat too.

I hope you got value from this post! I am happy to contribute to your journey!

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