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How to Travel Long Term?

This one is for those of you that really want to go and travel long term. 

Travel often, Travel wide.

– unknown (but now everybody is saying it)

It is a really interesting thought. I know a lot of you would like to actually do it, but do you know there is a list of preparations that go into travelling long term?

These are some things you should pay attention before you start making your plans to travel long term.

1. Can you really leave?

First off – confront your responsibilities. You are not gonna be able to travel peacefully and really learn from your travels if you do not confront and sort out your responsibilities at home! 

Isn’t it just better to put an end to the suffering so that you can travel with an open mind – free from all the filth of unfulfilled responsibilities?

A lot of people want to travel. Not everybody is able to make it. And those that run from their responsibilities, end up returning heartless. 

Have a child you cannot leave? Don’t. Have a bloodsucking job you cannot get by without? Make up a side hustle. Whatever it is, take steps and go the lengths to make it work and you will definitely come up with at least a plan to guide yourself around how to deal with your responsibilities before you finally leave for the long term. 

A friend of mine was able to take a 6-month break from her job she was pursuing because the company was going through a tough phase and her services were not needed for the time being. Such circumstances are rare, but if you are not presented with the opportunity like my good friend here, you must make one. Gather enough funds and leave your job if you’d like. 

2. Gather funds – the key to long term travel

Very Important

Travelling is like an open tap. Everyday, you are spending an amount of money. You have to have enough in the bank to support you. 

You could get into a lot of tough spots so it is better you have some money in the bank to help you get out of any sticky situation you might find yourself in. 

While traveling the world virtually for free might sound so attractive, and there’s no doubt about its appeal, your mind will be at ease if you have money in your account for when you are completely stuck. 

Need an urgent flight out? Urgent bookings are always expensive. Even if you use the travel tips I have shared. 

There might be some locations that will allow you comfortable travel virtually for free but then there are those you have to pay top dollar in. The goal is to not go to those places that demand top dollar. Seriously. If you go to these expensive places and you have limited money, you’re not gonna last very long. More on this ahead…

3. Where to go? 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Well, if you are asking this question, good. If not, then you definitely should be. Leaving without a plan is just as good as running into the desert – barebacked, on the boiling sand without shoes, with no means of contacting the rest of civilization and – with a limited supply of water. 

Well, those that do not have enough water ( cash ) try not to wander too far into the menacing desert. Go to cheap places. Nearby, where the flight costs will be negligible. Those destinations you do not need a flight to get to are the best destinations. While I have nothing against them, avoid going to beautiful but hideously expensive locations like Switzerland and Australia. 

The flight costs alone could make you choke on your food. 

What if I told you that the flight costs to any of the popular destinations could be 90% OF YOUR WHOLE BUDGET to visit a cheap destination in South-East Asia? 

Well, it is true! Look at your budget, and then make a decision. 

If you are a woman travelling alone, you have to also check the safety of the destination.

4. Mental Prep:

Long term Travel is really a mental game.

Long term travel is less of how to stay on a budget and more of a mental game and staying on track.

Hey, look, it is your first time, do not go and book 1 years worth of flight tickets to destinations you have never been to right? 

Granted, booking in advance means you get dirt cheap tickets, but what use are they if you feel like cancelling because something put you off the trip? If you are travelling long term for the first time, these kinds of things happen, and it is better to be prepared. 

Take it slow, first, go close by and book to the next destination and then leave it open ended for you to decide where you wanna go next.
Granted, it might cost you a few extra dollars to book your tickets at the last minute, but by then, at least you have figured out if you are about the long term travel life or not. 

In case you need to go back home for a quick final wrap up some final formalities and responsibilities you could do that and then leave, with renewed energy, mentally prepared. 

So, I hope you really got some value from this post, stay tuned for more! I am very open to recommendations.

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